Welcome to LIDPD, a curated web resource on Levodopa-induced dyskinesia (LID) in Parkinson's disease (PD).

In addition to the 12 LID associated genes that our curators have extracted from the literature, we have included all 23 genes defined in the user input file. In this particular example, the input gene list has been curated from the publication by Lee & Kang summarizing the genetics of tardive dyskinesia (TD).

In addition to browsing through the networks you can search for a particular gene of interest or upload your own data in order to explore connections to LID genes and processes or to identify common functional modules. An user-defined input example is available providing networks connecting LID to tardive dyskinesia. Of course, you can also download the full data. If you have any questions please have a look at the documentation, if you would like to provide any feedback we would be happy to hear from you.