Upload your own data

On this page you can upload your own data in order to link it to the curated LID genes. Please note that we currently only support plain text file where lines are separated by tabs. You can create such a file with any text editor or export it from spreadsheet programs like Excel.

An example result for a user-defined input has already been pre-computed and is available here, it provides networks connecting LID to tardive dyskinesia (TD). If you want to redo the computation, you can download the TD input file here. The file is tab separated, contains Entrez gene identifiers in column 1 and starts with a header line.

Information about the file
Computational tasks
Which interaction networks should be used? bioplex,mentha,string_0.9
Which sub-network categories do you want to compute? Clusters in full network
Input/panel gene network
Shortest path network